Product Horizon

Horizon Restroom Cubicle System, is highly resistant against water, chemical and impact.

Horizon consists of latest technology using our very locally produced ‘Favolic’ panel, provide a floating effect with no headrail support.

Horizon adopts 60mm thick ‘Favolic’ panel (phenolic honeycomb) system that features low weight, high intensity, durability which synonymous with style, class and superior quality. A winning formula for modern commercial restroom.

1. General
ECOPLUS supply and install Horizon Restroom Cubicle System, which is highly resistant against water, chemical and impact.

2. Materials
Door and pilaster panels shall be of High Pressure Laminates (HPL) compact board (or phenolic board) which are certified by Singapore Environment Council with Singapore Green Label.
Intermediate partition panels shall be of 60mm thick ‘Favolic’ – (honeycomb phenolic) which are PSB tested and GREENGUARD certified. Colour selection can be done from wide range of solid and wood grain with different texture finishing.
All accessories and hardware shall be made of stainless steel grade 304.

3. Doors
All doors come in 19mm thick HPL compact board. Each door will be supported by 3 heavy duty stainless steel gravity hinges affixed to the pilaster. Additional hinge will be required if door exceeds weight limit. Door consists of one 304 stainless steel door knob and stainless steel coat hook. All vertical edges are rebated and chamfered.

4. Pilasters
All pilasters come in 19mm thick HPL compact board. Pilaster will be secured onto 60mm thick intermediate partition with no visible joint mechanism. All pilasters are hanged freely without any top and bottom support. End pilasters will be affixed to the finishing wall with no visible joint mechanism. Additional bracket supports are necessary if the pilasters length and weight exceed the limit. Pilaster consists of one stainless steel thumb turn lockset. All vertical edges are rebated and chamfered with black rubber act is damper to reduce noise and impact.

5. Intermediate Partitions
All intermediate partitions come in 60mm thick ‘Favolic’ panel.
Intermediate partitions will be secured to the back of wall with non-visible mechanical fixings.
The only support on floor will be 150mm from front of pilasters, size of 300mmW x 150mmH, covered with stainless steel skirting.

6. Accessories and Fittings
All accessories such as thumb turn lockset with indicator, coat hook with bumper, door knob, gravity hinges are in stainless steel grade 304 finishing.

7. Size
Recommended cubicle overall size shall be 900mmW x 1800mmD x 1950mmH with 150mm floor clearance.
Door size: 600mm x 1800mm; Pilaster size: 300mm x 1800mm; Divider size: 1800mm x 1800mm