Phenolic Honeycomb Bi-Fold Doors

Bi Fold SGH 9A-1

EcoPlus Phenolic Honeycomb Bi-Fold Doors is specially designed to provide Wheelchair Assist User with a friendly and pleasant experience. 

For Architects and Designers, it provides Space Efficient and Safety Solution over the use of a Outward Swing doors (Hazardous concern) and a Glass Sliding Doors.

Safety feature inlcuded :-

Anti Finger Trap Protection

Emergency Opening

1. General
ECOPLUS supply and install Wall Cladding System, which is highly resistant against water, chemical and impact.

2. Materials
All panels shall be of High Pressure Laminates (HPL) compact board (or phenolic board) which are certified by Singapore Environment Council with Singapore Green Label. Colour selection can be done from wide range of solid and wood grain with different texture finishing.

3. Panels
All panels come in 12mm thick HPL compact board, colour to Architect’s specification. Each panel will be supported by aluminum hook on system. All vertical edges are chamfered.

4. Ventilation
A ventilation gap of minimum 20mm between the panels and the wall is guaranteed, from top to bottom. Joints between the panels can, if desired, be closed. There must be room for expansion for the panels. It must be ensured that the air supply from below and the extracted air above the panels are free, to ensure the climate for the front and back of the panels are equal.

5. Connection And Fixing
Horizontal hook bar profile spacing to be 400 ~ 600 mm apart, with vertical hook on profile to be about the same distance apart. Additional hook bar support to be added if weight limit is exceeded.
All backing material are to be made of phenolic material.